Guardian Angel

a novella by S K Sutphen


Joseph Storch has an enviable life. He owns a successful financial services firm, has scads of money, a mansion in the hills of Los Angeles, and a beautiful wife.

But as the fraud his success is built upon crashes, his life as he knows it is over. In a fit of despair, he puts his Glock to his head and prepares to pull the trigger. That’s when his Guardian Angel appears and tells him not to bother; he will be dead in a week anyway. But in that time, he can change the destiny of his immortal soul.

Will he change and save his soul? Will he run as he has always done? Is the angel even real? Or a hallucination born of a desperate situation. Storch must face the reality of the life has had led, see the people in it for who they are, and balance the ledgers of his life. Only then can he make a choice.