S K Sutphen writes noir


SK Sutphen’s novella, Guardian Angel, is set in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. LA with its palm trees, boulevards, and hills has the blue sapphire border of the Pacific. A different setting from the glittering, neon-illuminated casinos of Las Vegas, built in a desert valley where the buildings glow against the dark, irregular backdrop of the mountains. The two cities have commonalities though – tourists, entertainment, and money.  It’s always about the money. The perfect settings for Joseph Storch’s story whose life and work has been built on make believe. And both cities are far from the straightforward pragmatism of the Midwest, where the author grew up.

SK Sutphen lives most of her life as Sussan Sutphen. She earned a BA degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and holds a Master of Arts in Professional Writing from Kennesaw State University. She lived and worked in the Midwest as a physician for many years and then relocated to Atlanta, GA, away from the cold and snow. She has had three short stories published – “Delivery” in Atlanta Medicine and “Night Bus” and “Jimmy” in Borderlines: A Collection of Short Stories. She currently works as a freelance medical writer, and is also working on her next book.